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Each service company is different, has its own specifics, so standard solutions can not be used. For each company we offer only one necessary, most rational solution to it. We know exactly what your business needs, so our accounting is always timely, responsive and thoroughly crafted. All of your company’s accounting processes are closely monitored, so we can anticipate potential problems, inform you about it and prevent them from getting ahead.

By concluding an accounting contract with us, you can fully dedicate yourself to your direct work, and not think about taxes, declarations and new changes to the law. Leave your worries for us.

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We provide all accounting services for small and medium sized companies. UAB Kontolita was established in 2007 and from the first day we organize and take care of all our client’s accounting processes – we keep accounting records from the initial processing of information to the balance-sheets, we answer the questions we ask, we advise. Our accumulated knowledge and experience will become one of the guarantors of your success, and practical business accounting advice will save you time and the need to learn from your mistakes.


We offer you accounting in our office, representing you in all state control institutions – you do not need to go anywhere without having to worry about computers, workplaces, programs, etc. We draw up and submit declarations and represent your company at the State Tax Inspectorate, Sodra, Center of Legal Entity Registries, Statistics Lithuania.

You will ensure that your bookkeeping is conducted correctly and you can engage in direct business. For each of you, we can offer you the most suitable service form.

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