Full accounting management, covering all accounting services from data entry to submission of reports to relevant authorities.

Managing abandoned accounting

Arranging or rearranging bookkeeping for previous periods, adjusting or submitting declarations, calculating taxes, presenting balance sheets, in accordance with all applicable requirements of state institutions.

Tax inspection

We check which taxes are calculated and which tax reports are made on the basis of tax payments, declarations laws and other legal acts.

We assess whether the company’s tax accounting system is optimal, or whether the company has exhausted all the statutory benefits. We also advise you to correct the reported irregularities and take advantage of the benefits. Time-consuming mistakes help prevent penalties, and tax optimization increases the company’s profitability and competitiveness.

Representation of a senior accountant

Provision of data and declarations to state institutions, tax calculation, balance-sheet, accounting control, while maintaining your accountant (or person performing his functions).

Administration services

All of the individual clients are discussing the additional administrative services you need: additional employee monitoring, follow-up of signed contract terms, invoicing, and so on.

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